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Legal warning

Identification of the company

General information according to Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 of July from Spain, of services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce.

Compay's name:

Name: Equipamientos Deportivos Cemul, s.c.p.

CIF: J66873472

Address: Santiago Rusiñol 27 BJ2, 08870 Sitges

Contact e-mail:

Policy of privacy

Object and scope

In fulfillment of GRDP (UE) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and the Council, 27 of April of 2016, it shows the present Policy in relation to the treatment of the personal data.

This Policy will be applicable to the users who visit our page Web, to those who of voluntary form contact with us by email, telephone, chat, electronic forms or other ways with the purpose of asking for information or requiring our products and/or services, as well as any other that its express consent grants, directly or indirectly so that their data will treated by the company.

The user and/or client assume the responsibility of the veracity of the data by him facilitated, committing itself to be certain and updated, not being able to use the identity of another person nor to communicate its personal data unless credits to have an authorization with legal validity. To such effects, the user and/or client will be the only person in charge as opposed to any damage, direct and/or indirect that he causes to third party or the company by the use of personal data of another holder without its previous authorization, or their own personal data when these are false, erroneous, are not updated or are inadequate. The user and/or client who communicates the personal data of third will be responsible of to have successfully obtained the interested consent for the own one, as well as of the consequences on the contrary.

The use of products and/or offered services requires the express acceptance of the present Policy of protection of data.

Aims of the collection of data

The personal data will be stored in one or several files by the company under the supervision of person in charge of the data processing.

The data is collected with the purpose of providing to the client the goods and services required, being gathered the imprescidible data to be able to take to end the commercial relation

The maintenance of the historical records of the commercial relations will be within the legally established terms.

Adressees of the data

They will be adressees of the data gathered by the company:

  • Those suppliers that are essential to carry out the delivery of goods/services
  • The Forces and judicial or administrative Bodies of Security of the State, as well as organs, if the collaboration of the company she was required to provide information related to his clients or services, according to the Law.

Terms of data conservation

The conservation of the data will be made during the strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes collections in the present Policy. The data conservation according to Law 25/2007, 18 of October, relative to the electronic communications and the public networks of communications, the period of conservation for such records will be the detailed one in this norm.

Rights of the users

The rights of the users in relation to the collection and data processing are the recognized ones by the GRDP:

  • Right of access: The users must right to ask for and to obtain data of the company on its personal data, to accede to them and to obtain data on its treatment.
  • Right to obtain a copy of its personal data.
  • Right of suppression: The users can ask for the suppression of the data when they are not or necessary for the purpose for that they were provided or if the rest of circumstances anticipated by the GRDP concurs.
  • Right of rectification: In case their data were incorrect or uncomplete, the users have the right to ask for the rectification of the data.
  • Right of limitation of the treatment: In the cases anticipated in art. 18 of the GRDP, the users has the right to ask that the treatment of its personal data to be limited, so that they are not applied to the decontamination operations such that they correspond.
  • Right to the portability: The users must right to receive the personal data that are incumbent to them in a format structured and of common use, being requisite necessary that these data are incumbent exclusively on the user and they had been facilitated by this one to the company.

For the exercise of their rights, the users will be able to contact in our e-mail

The company reserves the right to receive a canon by the administrative costs that are derived in the cases of requests infundadas or manifestly excessive by its repetitive character, as well as the right to refuse to act respect to the same ones, according to art. 12,5 GRDP.

International data transfers

In case that it is required to make an international data transfer to make possible the benefit of our goods/services, authorization will be specifically asked and will have to be accepted by the client to be able to carry out the operation

Authority of control

The users have their national authority of control, being in the Spanish case the "Agencia Españona de Protección de Datos.

The company that collects data:

Name: Equipamientos Deportivos Cemul, s.c.p.

CIF: J66873472

Address: Santiago Rusiñol 27 BJ2, 08870 Sitges

Contact E-mail:

The data will treat according to article 28 of the (GRDP) and subsequent, when be necessary for the benefit of goods/services and as responsible for these data it will be acted according to the indicated conditions next:

  • The data will be treated according to the instructions of the client responsible or ordered of the treatment, not using them for an aim different from which appear in the present Policy and/or in the contractual conditions that are of application.
  • The company will be able to maintain blocked the data properly during the period in which responsibilities could be derived of its relation with the client instead of being destroyed after the benefit of the goods/services.
  • The due professional secret will stay respect to the personal data to which it must accede and/or treat with the purpose of fulfilling as much in each case with the intention of the contract of the service that is to him of application, during as later of the completion of such, committing itself to use this single information for the purpose anticipated in each case and a to demand equal level of commitment to any person who within her organization participates in any phase of the treatment of personal data responsibility of the client.
  • Without damage of the effective specific legal or prescribed dispositions that could be applicable in each case or of the measures that by own initiative adopt the company, the access and the treatment of the personal data on the part of the company will be put under the necessary safety measures stops: To guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience permanent of the systems and services of treatment. To recover the availability and the access to the personal data of fast form, in case of physical or technical incident. To verify, to evaluate and to value, regularly, the effectiveness of the technical measures and implanted organizativas to guarantee the security of the treatment.

The client authorizes to the company, in quality this one of in charge of the treatment, to subcontract with third in name and on behalf of the client when it is necessary to make possible the benefit of the contracted services, concerning in any case the obligations imposed by the GRDP. The client will be able to go to the company to know the identity the organizations subcontracted for the benefit of these services, which will act according to the terms anticipated in this document.

The company does not take responsibility of the breach of the obligations derived from the GRDP or the corresponding norm in the matter of protection of data on the part of the user and/or client in which to his activity it corresponds and that is related to the execution of a contract or of commercial relations that unite to him. Each one of the parts will have to face the responsibilities derived from its own breach of the contractual obligations and the effective norm.


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