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monobloc Monoblock seats are produced in one single piece. Perfectly suitable to install in sport’s grandstands

abatibles Seats consisting in separated seat and backrest that can be installed at the grandstand in a 216mm space width when the seat is folded.

Telescopic Grandstands
tribunas telescópicas Hereby you can find all our seats suitable to install in telescopic grandstands.

asientos VIP Seats for VIP and presidential boxes.

Journalists' Tables
periodistas Hereby you can find our journalists’ table offer.

We boast a wide range of sport's seats designed for every kind of installation. You can surf through the different categories clicking on them at your left hand menu or by means of downloading our full catalogue in PDF format

Technical Features

Polymers: All our seats are manufactured in 100% recyclable HD High-Quality Polypropylene and fulfill with the following certifications:

  • Fire behaviour classification M3(M2, optional) UNE 23727
  • Light Resistance Additive anti-UV DIN 54003
  • Bending strength according to Standard DIN 53455
  • Charpy impact strength according to standard DIN 53453/li>

Additionally, most of our seats boast anti-slide ridding, drainage system and fulfill the FIFA and UEFA regulation(backrest`s high between 300 and 350 mm, depth between 350 and 400 mm and width between 400 and 480 mm).

Metallic Structures: Manufactured with steel, minimum thickness of 2 mm and made of 34/37 Quality steel. All welds are continuous arc-type..

         Indoors treatment:

  • 100% Polyester paint made with electrostatic powder, minimum thickness of 70-80 microns.

         TOutdoors treatment:

  • 100 % Polyester paint made with powder, cataphoresis base, minimum thickness of 120 microns and more than 1000 hours of resistance to saline mist, according to standard ASTM B- 117-64.
  • Galvanized by heat immersion by 99,95% zinc, with minimum thickness of 60-70 microns. Corrosion resistance (marine atmosphere) 2,4 microns/year complies with UNE EN ISO-24 standard

Anchoring: Securing is performed by 6.8 cal metal Rawl, in reinforced concrete structures with minimum thicknesses of 90 mm. For other types of materials and environments there are also Fisher type Rawls, chemical Rawl (the nuts and bolts supplied are DYNABOLT T- 10 Mx8x60 metal Rawl).

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